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Project 365: All the Bits and Pieces

Today’s picture was very nearly one of a glass of wine and an “oops” post. But against all odds I drank some caffeinated beverages and got my knit on. And I’ve finally finished all the bits of the bag! Now all that’s left is to tidy up the loose ends (literally), sew all the pieces together and then block it. An explanation of blocking will be the subject of a post in the next few days. Or more likely next week seeing as I’m away this weekend and I’m not taking my knitting with me to a house with eight cats. That would be silly.

Project 365: Just one more…

This is the final piece of knitting for the bag, at last!!! In truth, less than two weeks is pretty good going considering it’s my first non-scarf project, it just feels like it’s been forever because of the amount of times I had to restart different pieces. Still, nearly done now!

…And yes, there are books stacked on top of (and in front of) books on that bookshelf in the background. I can still see a bit of the shelf, there’s still space for more books, honest…

Project 365: I just cannae take any more Captain!

Picture taken January 16th 2014

The panels took a while to complete and had to be restarted a few times, and there was the tangled yarn incident plus a few dropped stitches near the end of the panel when I just had to accept it as there was no way I was starting over. Even so, I kept going. I persevered.

But this, 39 inches of 10 stitches per row may just do me in. 10 stitches means almost the second you’re into your rhythm it’s time to start another row. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!