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Project 365: St Michael at the North Gate



Not pictured: most of the church. Mainly because getting the whole thing in a picture without tourists blocking the shot would have been utterly impossible. Plus it’s the tower that  really catches the eye, not least because something that’s nearly a thousand years old surrounded by a bunch of homogenised shops and restaurants (as evidenced by the coffee shop in the picture).

The tower is another place in Oxford I’ve yet to have the time to visit, despite walking past it on my way home from work every day. It’s a bit like people who live in London never finding the time to do all the touristy stuff unless they have people visiting them, I guess. For reasons I’m not entirely (i.e. not at all) clear on, the door to the cell that housed the Oxford Martyrs is in the tower, despite the cell having been in a prison that was nearby… Maybe when I finally get around to visiting the tower I’ll find out why they’ve got it.


Project 365: Oxford Oratory


I tried to come up with a pithy title for this post, but decided it felt a bit…well, disrespectful. I go past the Oxford Oratory Church of St Aloysious Gonzaga twice a day on the bus and I’m always stuck by its beauty. Tonight I discovered that the inside is even more stunning than the exterior, but Project 365 only gets one photo a day.

The lone fly in the ointment was that I managed to go on the only weekday that Mass is said in Latin…