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The start of a new project

Thanks to some lovely words of encouragement, I decided to take on  bigger knitting challenge: a bag! As any good knitter knows, the first step of a new piece is to knit a swatch to check the gauge, i.e. the number of stitches per inch that you get when using a certain thickness of yarn with a certain size of needle. There’s also the added complication of how you knit, as some people knit more tightly than others (as anybody who’s ever let someone “have a go” at their bit of knitting can attest), so just because the pattern says that x stitches androws makes a 4 inch square, that doesn’t mean it will for you. Hence the swatch, to work out what size needles you need to be using for that number of stitches and rows to be a 4 inch square.

As the bag itself is 12″ x 12″, not to mention the gusset and the straps, it’ll probably be a while before it’s finished, seeing as I have to fit it in around work, commuting and studying. Plus I need to fit in sleeping eating and bathing in there somewhere…

So there you have it, a new project and the latest picture for Project 365 in one post. Oh, and if you haven’t done anything new today, try listening to the wisdom of a 14 year old, because I bet that’s something most of us don’t usually do!