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Bring Me Sunshine

Bring Me Sunshine – Morecambe & Wise

The wonderful and always insightful Nic over at Adventures & Thought Bubbles nominated me for an award!

The rules of the award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. 
  • List 11 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 other blogs to receive the award.
  • Announce the nominations to the nominees. 

So first, the eleven facts:

  1. My hair has not been its natural colour since 1999. I’m not entirely sure what my hair would look like without dye any more.
  2. I eat far too much cheese and I always have. When I was a kid my grandmother used to say I’d turn into a mouse. I’m even eating cheese now.
  3. My grandad sat me down to watch Last of the Summer Wine when I was about four. I loved it and was really upset at the end of the episode because I thought the show was called The Summer Wine and it was the last ever episode…
  4. I dropped out of sixth form college twice. Until two years ago the highest qualification I had was GCSEs.
  5. I’ve had depression for 15 years, but only been treated for it for the past 11 years. I was also diagnosed with PTSD 5 years ago, but I’d had it for a year longer than I had the depression.
  6. My mother died almost 16 years ago. This should explain number 5.
  7. The first night I slept right through was the hurricane in 1987. My parents knew then that I would be an awkward child.
  8. I adore Morecombe & Wise, Tommy Cooper, The Two Ronnies, Monthy Python and The Goodies. They don’t make ’em like they used to.
  9. I’m seeing 5/6ths of Monty Python this July and I am beyond excited about it.
  10. I’m a tiny bit in love with both Jennifer Lawrence and Caitlin Moran. Real women who don’t give a youknowwhat about other people’s opinions. Especially where their body shape/size is concerned.
  11. I am easily distracted by squirrels. I mean, I can be in the middle of explaining something and suddenly look out of the window and goo “oooh, squiggle!” This definitely did not happen at my old job.

And now the nominations, in no particular order (numbers instead of bullet points otherwise I’ll forget how many I’ve done):

  1. Not Quite Old makes me giggle every time.
  2. From One Crazy Life To Another is one of the most honest and inspiring reads out there.
  3. Playful Kitty. Look, if I have to explain why a blog called playful kitty deserves a Sunshine Award, you’re in the wrong place.
  4. The Cutter Rambles. The post about the Cutlet’s turkey dress deserves the award by itself, let alone the rest of the blog!
  5. News Toad for making the news hilarious.
  6. Spiritbath. If you’re ever in need of a lift just go watch one or two of the videos they’ve linked. I highly recommend the one with the guy in a tutu.
  7. She’s A Maineiac is not only an awesome read, it also gets She’s A Maniac in my head every time, and I love that song far more than I should.
  8.  Sass & Balderdash has a wonderful title and even better posts.
  9. Ben’s Bitter Blog will probably be annoyed to find itself nominated for an award. Oh well.
  10. Peas and Cougars has awesome cartoons, and also puppy pictures for extra squee!

I’ll have to notify the nominees tomorrow because, well, it’s already almost tomorrow and I need to sleep now…